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Recruitment status

Caeles a posted Mar 19, 14

Hi and welcome to our site.

Heaven Reborn is an adult guild focused on raiding at a social level. We have fun and jokes during raid, but we can get serious when we need to kill bosses :)

For our 10man raid group we are currently recruiting :

  • 1 tank
  • 1 healer
  • 1 - 2 dps

We are currently recruiting so we can start doing heroic SoO. we are mostly interested in players that are already geared decently, however we are fine helping someone getting the last pieces to move into heroic.

Raid times :

Normal 10 man :  Wednesday - Sunday - Monday

20.30 till 23.00 server time
Invites start at 20.15

We use Mumble for voice chat
For more info about guild rules / loot system, check our forum
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khazianhmmm hope this is in the right forum, possible not
khazianHi Guys and Gals
I feel that I must say about how I feel after to-nights raid but before I do I would like to say that heaven reborn and all its members are lovely people to raid with, I would also like to say that some of you have been here much longer than I have and I know that some of you, due to personal or other circumstances are not raiding as much as you might like too or want too. I enjoy all my raiding with you whether you are new to the guild or are old timers I feel that it would be advantageous to the guild if we extended our raiding week on week with the best possible group so that we could down all the bosses in SOO and therefore give the other members with lesser gear a chance to come with us and not feel under pressure to kill new bosses as we will have it done. I am not going to go over the recurring theme of moving faster from wipes to starts, I think at this stage we all know the annoyance it is causing us. I would like to focus more on the good team spirit and the desire for us to be as good as we can for what we have got. NONE of us in this guild want to be first kills on the server "as marb said" but none of want to be last either. We are a good bunch of people trying to accomplish a task together, We have a great raid leader who is trying his hardest to get us there and tbh i think we all should have a look at where we want to go "moving forward". If its good for the guild and we can advance quicker and get better gear for ppl that are coming back or are just there with worst gear then lets do this" as in clearing it". Caeles i think you should put up a poll to see who wants to extend and who does not. Look not people on what your guild can do for you but what you can do for your guild and don"t take it personally, if this is how we move forward.
Looking forward to many raids with all my friends in the future.
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Finaly is all I have to say .)
Servers down 'till 20:30. :<
and yeahh again login issues...
Hey there all my dear friends, I have finally got a temporary fix from the communications company British Telecom and they hope to be back next week to renew some cable for me. I have been so lost with no internet as I don't watch television and bein
New post on our forum about our plan to kill Garrosh, go check it out.
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